Government Affairs and Election Law

Running for political office and participating in the democratic process require individuals to navigate a complex web of rules and regulations. Whether you are a first-time candidate or a veteran campaigner, the world of election law is constantly evolving and presenting new challenges to all who participate in the process. Whether it is preparation to run for office, addressing problems that arise during a political campaign, or handling the aftermath of the election, the attorneys at Savo, Schalk, Gillespie, O'Grodnick & Fisher stand ready to assist candidates for office in any aspect of the political process.

The attorneys at Savo, Schalk, Gillespie, O'Grodnick & Fisher are experienced in the following types of election law matters:

  • General Campaign Counsel
  • Election Litigation
  • Ballot Access
  • Recounts and Rechecks
  • Petition Challenges
  • Political Parties and Committees
  • Campaign Finance and Compliance
  • Government Affairs
  • Ethics/Conflicts of Interest
  • Government Contracts and Pay-to-Play
  • Referenda, Recalls, Charter Changes and Other Grassroots Issues

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